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Litter Lessons

To reduce the amount of litter in the Georges River, Como Public School was invited to receive free environmental education by professional educators, focusing on litter reduction and stormwater, aligned to the NSW curriculum.

Students learned about the litter problem, looked at how drains carry pollution from our streets and back yards straight to the river, and then created colourful artworks to inspire a zero litter life.

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The Kids' campaign

Look and listen to what the kids at Como Public School have to say! We are very lucky to have such confident young champions protecting the river.

Their thoughtful messages and creative art explain how litter in stormwater pollutes our waterways and is dangerous to wildlife and humans. And, they show you how to stop litter entering in Georges River.

You can see all student artworks in the gallery. Some artworks have been used as inspiration for professional artist Born Ready’s drain art which is painted on footpaths along local streets.

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Drain Artwork

Most people don’t give drains a second look, they are designed to be ignored. But you won’t be able to miss the large colourful art we’re painting near stormwater drains across the Georges River catchment!

Take a minute to enjoy the drain art, inspired by local students and painted by Born Ready Art at 18 locations across the Georges River catchment. Think about how stormwater drains take rain straight to the river, along with all the pollution on our streets.

Scan the QR code with your phone to snap a photo with our mascot, Zero the turtle, and learn more what you can do to reduce litter in Georges River and keep your neighbourhood clean.

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Most common items littered
1. Hard plastic fragments
2. Soft plastic remnants
3. Foam insulation and packing
4. Plastic lids and tops
5. Plastic food packaging
6. Plastic utensils (straws, cutlery, cups)
7. Fishing line
8. Foam cups, food packs and trays
9. Cigarette butts
10. Plastic wrap (non-food)

*Source: Conservation Volunteers Australia, #SeaToSource audit September 2020 to June 2021. CVA hosted 23 #SeaToSource clean ups in the Georges River catchment in which 190 volunteers removed 690 kg of litter over a total of 760 hours.

Learn more about this gross problem!

GPTs you might see

Gross Pollutant Traps in this area typically collect leaf litter, silt and vegetation debris, and larger items of floatable rubbish.

But they do not collect small plastic fragments, small pieces of polystyrene, cigarette butts, fishing line, chemicals, oils, or pathogens from organic materials like dog waste.

So, to keep your local area clean, be a litter quitter and don’t let these items enter drains.

Learn more about how rain drains to waterways and trapping gross pollution.

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Learn how to be a litter quitter

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See what you can do to reduce litter in the Georges River

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Lesson plans for schools

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Free, online lessons developed by professional environmental educators to help your school community reduce litter in your local area.

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Latest News

Georges Riverkeeper in collaboration with students from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Georges Hall and artist Corey Nichols, aka Born Ready Artist, has unveiled striking footpath artworks at locations in Garrison Point, Lake Gillawarna, and outside St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Georges Hall. These thought-provoking creations aim to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our rivers and creeks while encouraging responsible litter disposal practices.

Posted: 10 August, 2023
Georges Riverkeeper has released a Practical Guide for Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) Planning, Design & Procurement to assist member Councils with planning, design, specification, and operation of GPTs.
Posted: 26 June, 2023
As part of the Zero Litter in Georges River project to reduce stormwater pollution in the Georges River, several of Georges Riverkeeper’s member councils undertook priority projects rectifying Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) in the catchment. Liverpool City Council opted to undertake an audit of existing GPTs to assess the condition and performance of the GPTs in the area.
Posted: 26 June, 2023

New footpath artworks have been installed in Connells Point, Hurstville, and Oatley to help encourage you to dispose of litter thoughtfully.

Artworks have been designed by local students at Connells Point Public School and painted by Corey Nichols, aka Born Ready Artist.

There’s a surprise waiting for you if you scan the QR code near the artworks with your phone. You’ll get to see a talking turtle pop up on the pavement! Don’t forget to turn your sound up!

Posted: 04 April, 2023

Zero Litter in Georges River

Students are taking their anti-littering messages to the street as part of the ‘Zero Litter in Georges River’ program developed by Georges Riverkeeper with funding from the Australian Government and support from local Councils who are upgrading crucial stormwater management infrastructure.

Posted: 07 December, 2022

Fairfield City Council Mayor Frank Carbone and Cr Kevin Lam met with students from Bossley Park Public School to look at their colourful new artworks painted on footpaths near local stormwater drains.

The awesome designs were inspired by the students’ work for the ‘Zero Litter to Georges River’ program.

They encourage you to stop, think and avoid litter and pollution going down the drain and ending up in our waterways and then the river.

Posted: 21 November, 2022

Georges Riverkeeper is committed to best practice environmental management for a liveable urban river. We want you to enjoy, learn about, and help the Georges River.

Georges Riverkeeper is committed to best practice environmental management for a liveable urban river. We want you to enjoy, learn about, and help the Georges River.